STEP 2: Activate The 5-Clicks Profit Activator

Increase Your Income By THREE FOLD Without Spending More Time & Effort On Your Software

You see, with the current Perpetual Income software, you have the cutting edge tools required to capture hungry buyers’ into your arsenal to make a profit.

It is powerful.

It is amazing. But what if, that is just the tip of the iceberg and you could have more by activating a few pre-installed codes?

Around 7 months into the creation of Perpetual Income 365, my coding partner, Mr.X accidentally discovered a shocking secret that made what the already powerful perpetual software look minuscule!

We realized that what we had with the basic software was just child’s play…

This accidental discovery happened when Mr.X was playing with his 4 year old son on a fine sunny day in California.

As every parent would do to keep a toddler occupied, Mr.X bought his son two simple toys from Toys ‘R’ Us – an automated small dog that moves and shakes and a simple toy car.

He placed both the toys in front of his son just admire his raw cuteness from afar.

After 30 minutes of observation, Mr.X noticed a very strange pattern that occurred overtime. He realized that his son was giving at least 2X more attention to the automated toy dog as compared to the manual toy car.

His son would go over to the toy car, roll it a few times with his hands and leave it aside.

But when it comes to the automated dog, his son would almost without fail, press the button on the dog and watch it shake. He would press it again, and again and again in excitement!

Without realizing, play time is over and he has given the ‘shaking’ dog his full attention the entire play time!

At that very moment, Mr.X had a lightbulb moment...

He saw that at the very nature of us humans, we would give more attention or be more curious to what moves or shake as compared to something stationary and predictable.

Mr.X then thought:

“What if we could animate some parts of the page in the Perpetual Income 365 software so we get more people clicking?”.

Bam! It was at that very moment Mr.X’s discovery made a homerun.

Over the next 5 months, Mr.X went on to build a whole string-load of codes to create what I thought would be the stupidest idea because firstly, why would you go on to create something that is not proven in the market and secondly, when it’s simply a theory formed by watching a baby and his toys?

Come on!

But I was dead wrong.

After a good 5 months, Mr.X finally pieced together what he called his perfect money code.

It looks like a simple string of codes, nothing fascinating to be honest.

He went on to implement that one very code into one of our money sites and I was flabbergasted! My jaw dropped as I see the daily income increased by a raw 33% with just a simple addition of a rocking animation on the opt in button of the page, like this:

It turns out, he was right once again.

People do respond better to something moving as compared to something stationary!

Backing this by science, it was proven that human psychology tend to give attention to what’s moving. Think about why men go to clubs and bars.

Because the ladies are constantly swaying their hips and bending all over on the podium! If these ladies were to stay stationary like a block and just stand dead, clubs would go out of business!

I call this type of code a “psychological induced code”, or in short - PIC.

With this one simple PIC, our profits increased by 33% overnight!

Just imagine having your pay increase by 33% by clicking ONE simple button…

Unbelievable isn’t it? But that is exactly what it is.

Mr.X was so amazed with what one single PIC can do, he decided to go ahead to brainstorm for more PICs.

The intense research went on for the next 6 months and after multiple sleepless nights and complex coding, Mr.X developed another 4 more whooping PICs into the arsenal!

With the implementation of all plugins, we saw a massive three-fold increase of our profits!

This is because these psychological codes are tailored to speak directly to buyers’ psychology to swipe out their wallet and “throw” cold hard cash at you.

So what are these 4 additional PICs apart from the “Shaking-Curiosity Code”?

Get ready to be blown away.

1. The Home-Country Bias Code

This psychological induced code taps into one’s buyers’ psychology of dwelling in one’s comfort zone.

It’s human nature to stick within one’s comfort zone when it comes to almost anything that is non-life threatening.

With the implementation of home-country bias code, buyers will find comfort knowing that an opportunity is available close to home.

This comfort puts potential buyers more at ease with the opportunity in front of them, making it easier for them to spend with you!

2. The Countdown Clock Code and 3. The Scarcity Induced Code

These two PICs pushes the urgency call button in the human psychology.

The Countdown Clock Code activates the urgency trigger that the offer the buyer is seeing will be expiring on a certain date or at a certain time.

On the other hand, the Scarcity Induced Code warns potential buyers of the limited availability and how many spots are remaining.

With these two powerful urgency PICs running at once, it is no surprise how we saw a near 300% growth in conversions almost instantly upon activation!

4. The Social Proof Qualifier Code

Have you heard of the herd effect?

It is when a group of people jumps on the bandwagon together because they fear being left out.

Since the tribal days, people seek to feel belonged. Being cast out of the circle was the most humiliating thing that could happen to someone.

This is why the cast system in the past was so frowned upon.

Why did Facebook and Instagram see hypergrowth in users in such a short period of time? The same principle here – those who aren’t on it was not part of the ‘in’ crowd.

This PIC taps into the need of them wanting to feel belong.

With the Social Proof Qualifier Code, potential buyers would feel left out if they are not part of the buying community!

Just imagine how powerful your page will be with the implementation of all 5 plugins simultaneously working together?

They are simple yet deadly.

Here’s the best part. Mr.X has made it so easy for you that with 5 simple clicks, you can activate ALL 5 plugins to work simultaneously as one.

No hard coding or technical skills required. All the hard work has been done for you!

However, here’s one simple catch.

This offer that you see will only be available here on this page. Once you close this page, this offer is gone – Forever!

That means if you would like to get these 5 psychological induced codes added onto your pages, you’d have to hire a programmer to code it from scratch!

That would probably set you back by around $15k and a whole lot of time wasted!

Not a very wise choice when you could activate all ALL 5 plugins instantly after this with the click of 5 buttons at a massively discounted one time price shown below.

In fact, Mr.X was appalled by the price when I showed it to him because it totally undermines his hard work!

But I insisted on this price because I know it’s going to help my Perpetual Income members in a huge way!

I am doing this one-time-offer to honor massive action takers who are ready to take their income to the next level.

If you are ready, I am ready to hand the 5-Clicks Profit Activator to you. I am very confident that this is one of the best financial decisions you can make for you and your family.

Are you ready to triple your income with minimal effort and time?

Click on the get access button below right now and let’s get you started!

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