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Have you ever tried a crepe cake?

It’s a pretty delicious French-inspired dessert.

It’s yummy, yummy crepes layered one another with fresh cream and other goodies.

When you spoon it into your mouth, it’s rich and full with flavor.

In the same way, your current business is like single piece of crepe.

Is it yummy? Yes. Is it delicious? Definitely.

After all, the perpetual income from Perpetual Income 365 business may pay the bills.

But is it satisfying? Has it reached its full potential? No.

Email ATM gives you the tools to add layer upon layer until…

Your business becomes a full-blown money-earning machine.

Just like a delicious crepe cake, you fulfill your full profit potential. Here’s why.

At any given point, studies have shown you’re probably scraping only 11 – 13% of your business potential when you have a single income stream.

With Email ATM, you’ll unlock a state of the art mailing software within the Perpetual Income software that enabled me to make $500 to $2,000 days consistently, month after month like this:

All my top perpetual income members have all unlocked the power of Email ATM and used it fully to create life changing income. So what is it that makes this upgrade the most lucrative upgrade of the lot?

The answer: Data Monetization

Do you know that mega companies like Google, Youtube and Facebook’s main monetization method is through selling customers’ data?

How many Google, Youtube and Facebook ads do you see on a daily basis? TONS! In fact I get so annoyed by them sometimes.

But these companies analyze the behaviors, interests and personalities of users and provide ad spenders with hyper targeted leads!

That itself is Data Monetization in action! It’s a billion dollar industry!

In this case, the leads that you generate using Perpetual Income 365 are red HOT leads who are keen in making an extra income! They are like-minded people like us who are seeking a solution for extra cash.

That’s their interest.

Now, here’s the beauty of how Email ATM coincides with Perpetual Income 365.

Perpetual Income 365 provides you with the platform to capture high quality data into the system...

This data will eventually be converted into perpetual sales with our done-for-you 30 days email sequence that’s lined up on the backend server.

This is what I call the first layer of the “crepe cake” you saw previously. It’s one stream of income coming into your system.

Just imagine, now that you know the interest of your data, you could add more “layers” of income stacked on top of your base income stream by promoting products of the same nature to them!

With Email ATM, the software enables you to send highly targeted money emails to your database with just a few clicks within the system.

Best of all, you don’t even need to write your own emails!

I understand how much of a headache it will be to churn out copies after copies of emails. That is why I am also including 50 done-for-you money email templates as part of the Email ATM bundle!

No more cracking your heads over what to write, but simply copy and paste.

Now I know you must be wondering, what if I ran out of emails since the money templates are only limited to 50?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Mr.X and I saw this problem coming and we spent over 5-figures in cost to create our very own Content Fountain software, where all you have to do is to paste ANY email contents in, click a button and poof – a brand new unique money email created and ready to go!

The Content Fountain software will be added right into your Email ATM bundle as well.

The best part?

It takes just 3 simple steps to start monetizing your data with Email ATM!

Step 1

Click on the “Get Access button” below to activate Email ATM instantly.

Step 2

Copy and Paste the done for you money emails into the software.

Step 3

Click “Send” and watch cash roll into your account in the next few hours!

It’s that easy.

So in a nutshell, here’s what you are going to get in the Email ATM upgrade:

1. Email ATM Software
(Worth $1,997)

The state of the art mailing software from within Perpetual Income 365 that allows you to send highly targeted money emails to your database with just a few clicks!

2. 50 Done-For-You Money Email Templates (Worth $997)

Cut off the hassle to write your mails. We have hand-picked 50 of the best money emails for you. Simply copy and paste to make bank!

3. Content Fountain Software
(Worth $1,497)

Our very own Content Fountain software that provides a One-Click-Solution to generate multiple versions of unique content for fresh money emails – without lifting a finger to write!

4. High Profit Product Identifier Training (Worth $997)

A powerful, high quality training by yours truly on how to find top converting products and how to obtain FREE money emails directly from product vendors!

5. Link Masking & Tracking Toolkit (Worth $1,497)

We leave no stones unturned.

Getting your emails trapped in the spam box will massively reduce your potential earnings!

But fret not, Mr.X and I have created just the software to kill this spam-box problem...

Our link masking software helps ‘beautify’ your money links so they bypass the spam box of your potential buyers!

With all the research, software creation and months of hard work put into the development of Email ATM, it is justifiable to charge over 10k for someone to get access to the system.

In fact, even if I were to charge just half of that at 5k, it would be a great deal because you could easily make that back in a short time with Email ATM.

However, I know that if I were to charge a 5k price tag, it would be almost impossible for most people starting out to afford!

So I decided to do something insane; to massively slice the price down to help as many people as possible.

So for Email ATM, will not be paying 2k, or anything close to 1k. Only for today on this very page, you’ll get to enjoy Email ATM for just a tiny fraction of that amount!

I told myself that for once in my lifetime, I’d like to bless a select group of people with an irresistible offer for the amount of value they will be getting… and this is it!

But here’s the catch.

Mr. X is NOT HAPPY with this...

He did up all the programming, hard coding and decoding of tough algorithms to create Email ATM and here I am, passing it off at a price that could barely cover the maintenance cost!

As a business person, Mr.X says it makes no economical sense to price it at that price.

However, I managed to convince him to allow the most deserving and serious action takers into Email ATM at that price because I know just how lifechanging this upgrade is!

I want to prove to Mr.X that there are serious people out there who are committed to making lifechanging income and would grasp a once in a lifetime opportunities when one come their way instead of letting it slip through their fingers like the naïve ones.

These people have what it takes, but just needed a chance to find the right catalyst to strike it BIG to turn their lives around.

They deserve that chance and it’d be downright selfish of me to withhold this opportunity to them just to make an extra buck.

Therefore, I told Mr.X that even if it makes no economical sense, I need to be that catalyst.

To strike a compromise, Mr.X reluctantly agreed but he is free to pull the plug or increase the price as and when he feels it’s no longer profitable for us. So please, take full advantage of this compromise while you can.

I am confident you belong to this group of committed individuals I’m talking about and know just what to do when an opportunity like this comes your way.

I certainly do not wish for you to regret letting this opportunity slip by and then realize later that its too late.

You need to act fast!

So click the Get Access button right now to secure your spot and start cashing in now! I’ll see you in the members area.

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