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To Layering Stacks and Stacks of Cash Onto An Already Lucrative Cash Generating Machine, Using The POWER Of Leverage...

Perpetual Income 365 gives you the tools to get started on creating a lucrative lifestyle business quickly.

However, you’re about to discover how Perpetual Asset Multiplier will help you accelerate your earnings by 500%, with just a couple more clicks...

I’ll let you in on a secret of wealth creation only the pros know.

So let’s say you have one money site making you a ton of cash. How do you exponentially grow your income?


You just replicate your money site. When you do that, you also replicate its earnings. In other words, you make money by “franchising” that asset.

Here’s a sci-fi inspired story to illustrate my point.

Picture this...

You’re living in some bleak post-apocalyptic future.

One day after scavenging for supplies, you come across a machine.

It looks something like this:

You fiddle with the controls. You’re trying to figure out how it works.

In a flash of inspiration, you’d decided to put that sandwich you’re eating – bologna, lettuce and some stale bread you have found.

You press a button. You see swirling multi-colored lasers in a loud whirl.

And then BAM…

You get the exact same sandwich.

And after multiple presses of the buttons, you get more than enough sandwiches to feed your colony.

Now back to earth in this dimension. Business is the same way...

You want to increase your profits?

Push a button in the “replication machine” and get the same structure, the same operations, the same margins.

Perpetual Asset Multiplier is that cube-shaped thingamajig, the closest thing to replicate your money sites almost instantly.

You see, operations is a tough thing.

Why do you think McDonald’s offer their franchise manual for a crazy $1 million?!

Because that’s how much pain you save if you were to go through documenting EVERY single process, and then tweaking it in a way to make sense to others.

That toil can takes years.

That’s why Perpetual Asset Multiplier is a replication machine that adds you 5 MORE money sites into your arsenal instantly – saving you MONTHS of anguish.

To activate your money sites, all you have to do is simply click a few buttons and vooola, you’re all set!

You have 5 more cash money sites,

Working For You Like Clockwork - 24 Hours A Day!

Just like having your own sales team on the run all 7 days a week, on autopilot.

Be reminded that these 5 extra money sites are NOT the regular sites but they are the BEST performing sites from our initial 100 beta tested money sites, so be assured, we are only providing you with ALL of the best ‘converting sites’ when you activate your Perpetual Asset Multiplier.

Which means, more cold cash rolling into

your bank account with the same amount of work!

So you might be thinking, “Shawn, why are you giving your best money sites away at such a low cost?”

Well you see, after the testing out the Perpetual Income 365 software with the default money sites for over a year, my income was already sky rocketing but I just couldn't seem to break past that point!

Don’t get me wrong, the Perpetual Income 365 software is amazing! It brought me my first 5 figure a month paycheck.

However, I was not satisfied.

I knew we could make so much more!

I reached out to Mr.X and told him that something somewhere is amiss. My income has hit a plateau and I am not settling for that.

After much analysis on the data and numbers, we finally realized the problem – With the normal default money site provided as a basic member, I was only reaching out to people with ONE face of the coin!

Just imagine, these customers are HUNGRY for your product.

They would throw cash at you for the solution you’re providing. However, they just don’t see the value of the product because they are only seeing it from ONE marketing angle.

Let me explain...

If Subway were to sell sandwiches by only promoting how juicy their turkey slices are while leaving out the details of how healthy their sandwiches are made, the health conscious people will not visit Subway, even if they love turkey sandwiches!

They will be leaving tons of money on the table!

See where I am going with this?

With 1 money site, you capture customers from 1 marketing angle. If the customers do not resonate well with that message, there goes your profits. However, if you have multiple money sites targeting customers who value different needs, you capture them ALL.

That means a bigger customer base, more targeted sales and more perpetual income, month after month!

The Perpetual Asset Multiplier gives you just that!

With just a few clicks, you have 5 of the BEST money sites capturing sales from all aspects, 365 days all year round!

Just image how much MORE money you could be making with the same amount of effort?


Don’t even get me started on how much money you’ll be leaving on the table if you close this page and forgo these 5 extra money sites… I was there. It’s painful to say the least.

So how much does it cost?

Mr.X told me to start charging at least $1k per site because it literally pays for itself.

It makes perfect sense for me to charge that price because not only does it pay for itself overtime, hiring a web designer would already cost you over $1.2k, yet alone to get it tested and optimized from the 100 other beta tested sites!

However, I am against that idea...

I do not want you to fork out 1k when you’re only just getting started..

I was once in your shoes with a few dollars left in the bank and the last thing I want is for me to part with more cash just to make ends meet.

Here's the deal...

I have negotiated with Mr.X to release these powerful money sites for a heavily discounted one-off price.

That amount is just enough to cover my server and maintenance cost but it’s TOTALLY WORTH IT to see you succeed.

I have to warn you - don’t take this heavily discounted price for granted! Because Mr.X reserves the rights to increase the price when he feels the need to increase our margins.

How would you like to take just about the same amount of time a basic member uses to create one money site while you would have created FIVE MORE exclusive money sites for yourself? (Which also means 5X the potential to increase your profits from the get-go!)

With the Perpetual Asset Multiplier, you get an unfair advantage over ordinary members. Even before they get started, you would be leaps and bounds ahead of them!


This is why it's important to act NOW and activate YOUR Perpetual Asset Multiplier!

Passing this upgrade by means you will have to stick to the default pages provided to all members and compete within that pool…

Alternatively, you could go the traditional way – hire a designer for thousands, purchase a domain and hosting and learn the full integration process into your autoresponder and affiliate programs.

All these only add up to the time and cost for you.

So I urge you, GRAB IT quick! Because it’s definitely a steal on the price and I can assure you, if you don’t act fast, the next person to watch this video would steal your upgrade and keep all of the profits to themselves.

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Your future self will thank you for it.

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